About Us


Todd VanTasel | CEO, CFO, CTO

Todd was born and raised in Maine. He found his interest in computers and programming after receiving a Commodore VIC-20 as a Christmas gift while in Junior High School. Todd is a graduate of Liberty University, where he received a BS Degree in Business Management & Management Information Systems. With over 30 years of experience, he has an extensive knowledge of computers, networking, hardware, software and computer coding languages https://eyeweardock.com/. Todd lives in Virginia with his wife, Stephanie, and their 4 children.


David Palmer | CEO, CSO, CMO

David has had over 20 years experience in sales and marketing in the internet industry. He has worked with local ISP’s and international data providers. Developing brand awareness and managing the sales and marking of the company is his primary focus. David is a Navy Veteran and lives in Maine with his wife Tammy.